is vegetable juice healthy

Is Vegetable Juice Healthy?

Of course, this question will come to mind, whether vegetable juices are healthy? Modern scientific research has proved that
juices of different vegetables are very beneficial for our health.

Vegetable Juice healthy

Vegetables are also natural minerals as the fruit has different characteristics. There are several vitamins available in juice of various vegetable, which are very useful for our health.


We should use vegetable daily in our diet. There is a lot of ability to reduce cholesterol in the lungs.If the body lacks vitamin and mineral ingredients, the juice of vegetable reduces immediately.

Vegetable juices are also a delicious taste. If the vegetable juice is bitter, it can be honey, salt, or sugar mixed with its
choice so many benefits of drinking vegetable juice 

Three groups Of vegetable juice:

For Making vegetable juice is made into three groups


the vegetables whose flowers are juice, such as tomato and cucumber etc.

02. The second

vegetables like spinach, sag and salad etc.

03. Third

In the third group, carrots, bitter gourd, beetroot, potatoes, onions, radishes, pumpkins, etc.

However⇒ Always Use Fresh vegetables for Making vegetable juice.

ٖFacts of Vegetable Juice benefits:

⇒ Copper and Iron

Vegetable juice contains a large number of iron.  You need both copper and iron for energy production And the need to fuel your daily activities.

Copper also helps your body use iron and supports healthy nerve function,While the iron helps you oxygen transport and store.

Store-made Vegetables Juice 484 micrograms   of 1 cup copper, or 54% recommended daily arrival, Set by the Madison Institute. Each serving contains 1 mg of iron – 6% of the recommended daily for women and 13 percent for men.

⇒ Vitamins A and C

Drinking Difrent vegetable juice also increases your  vitamin in your body.Intake and plenty of quantities provide vitamin A and C.A Fresh cup of vegetable juice provides 3,770 international Vitamin A units, or full recommended daily Intake for women and men, according to Institute of Medicine You will use 74 percent of the daily recommendation for men and 89% women, 74% of vitamin C per cup.

in which vegetable Vitamin helps promote healthy immune work and keep your skin healthy. It allows healthy vision and promote the growth of new cells, Vitamin A also organized the gene activities, vitamin C Always protects your tissues from oxidation and prevents cell damage.

⇒ Lycopene

Vegetable juice is the best source of lycopene, A nutrition that helps with its red color.As an antioxidant, lycopene saves your tissue from oxidation.

Rich diet in lycopene reduces the risk of chronic diseases, Single serving of vegetable juice is (23.337) micrograms of the lycopene. according to Harvard Health Publications.its health benefits.

⇒ Sodium

You should use moderate vegetable juice because it is even more in sodium. Regular services 1 cup of vegetable juice contains 479 milligrams of sodium,

According to Linus Pauling Institute If you drink vegetable juice as part of a high sodium nutrition, increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke and  kidney loss.

Vegetables juice sodium’s 169 mg of less sodium stores – is 11% in your daily range.


Vegetable Juice healthy Varieties

Commercial vegetable juice are usually made from different combinations of pumpkin,, beets, carrots and tomatoes.

It is usually used to increase palatability. Other popular items in the vegetable juice are kale, parsley, dandelion greens, cucumbers and fennel garlic ,Lemon and ginger may be added by some for medicinal purposes.

Other common vegetable  juices include tomato juice,carrot juice and turnip juice.





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